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Instead of ordering flowers online for a friend and her new baby, I decided to look up a florist in her town and order directly from them - thinking this was a better option.

The lady, Dorothy, that answered the phone answers "Good afternoon" without identifying her place of business which set bells off right away.

I told her that I wanted to order some flowers to be delivered and she said "ok" and between spurts of not understanding what I was saying and my having to repeat it (several) times and being put on "hold" (really her just putting the phone to her shoulder while she talked to someone else on another line) several times, we finally got to the part of what I wanted the card to say.

I started slowly reciting what verbiage I wanted and she would repeat only half of it, getting the other half wrong or missing words. I kept getting this uneasy feeling in my gut about whether or not I should really be placing my order with this florist, and the warning bells only got louder when I requested politely that she repeat the card so I knew she got it correctly.

She hemmed and hawed and then suggested that I repeat what I wanted and she would repeat it again since she wrote it in shorthand. Obligingly (aka, stupidly) I did so again and we ended the conversation with a verification that the flowers I ordered would be delivered the same day.

Concerned, I emailed my girlfriend and asked her to keep a look out on a delivery and to please tell me the condition, etc. so I knew it was what I wanted it to be. That was Saturday. My girlfriend emails me MONDAY and says she hasn't received anything.

So, Monday I call the florist, and say I have a complaint and the lady (who must know who I was as I didn't identify myself) tells me to hold, and then asks me what my complaint was and when I start out saying "I ordered flowers on Saturday that weren't delivered..." she cuts me off, says "we couldn't find the house or find them there" and hangs up. What???!!

I call back and rather heatedly tell their answering machine (which again does not identify themselves as a florist) that it was completely ridiculous for them to hang up on a customer who was voicing a legitmate complaint and that I wanted to know how they were going to rectify the matter and to make sure that they would not be billing my card for this. I requested that she returned my phone call so that we could discuss how this would be handled.

I waited an hour, didn't hear back, called again. They didn't answer. I called several more times through out the day (I am assuming they have caller ID and were ignoring my calls as I left no further message) and I finally got through again nearly 5 hours later.

The first thing I said was "please don't hang up on me again" and she says "I won't if I don't have to." I told her that she didn't have to the first time and I just wanted to know what the status of my order was and she said it hadn't gone out yet and I asked if it was going to and she said not yet, and I told her to please cancel the order and not bill my card. To this she responded that the order had already been cancelled and hung up. Unbelievable.

The funniest thing is that there should have been no reason that a local florist couldn't find my friend's address as it pops right up in mapquest, AND they had her phone number (she is a stay at home mom with a brand new baby and a toddler so she doesn't go out much at all) so her reasoning was completely ridiculous.

Soooo... never, ever, EVER order flowers from Hoover's in Pueblo. I am not sure how they do business with this crappy customer service, but it certainly isn't from repeat customers!

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